Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Matt Bors's Life Begins at Incorporation:

I have been a fan of Matt Bors for a while.  His cartoons are funny and pointed; he is clever on twitter. I bought this book because I believe in supporting artists who I like, and I have to give this book my unqualified praise.  I am now a bigger fan of Bors having read this book than I was before.

This book is a collection of comics and essays covering contemporary events from a left / civil libertarian viewpoint.  What impressed me was how clean and articulate he is on the page given more room to let out his mind than a tweet or a comic.  It was kind of like he was living in my head, and saw a lot of how I feel about politics an life and wrote it better than I could have.  And he can draw.  I think I have a bit of a guy crush on him (Is that even a thing?).

Anyways, buy this book.  Do it for Matt.  He needs money.