Thursday, May 7, 2015

Where I'm at now

I've been busy with school. Most of classes have been good so far, because I have been able to cross-post content created for class here. The class I just finished up was a operations management class. I felt checked out of it, because it was so focued on processes in manufacturing, and the closest I have ever come to manufacturing is fast food. The deliverables (and there were a lot) for that class were largely collaboerative responses to business cases, so they lack a lot of context. I felt that posting them wouldn't work as a stand-alone post. It also took me off my reading and responding (reviewing?) game. I have some books I want to talk about, but that's for the near future.
What I've started to do is sound out Directors of Graduate Studies for what I'm going to learn next after my MBA. My wife caught me looking at tuition rates and kind of freaked out, saying "Let's pay for this one first". I also got a promotion at work -- I now have a "Director of Finance" title that is getting to my head a bit.

Anyway, here's the image of myself I created for the DGS at Roosevelt University in Chicago:

I am a lifelong student. My original academic concentration was in English, which I graduated with a bachelor’s in 2004 from WVU and then for graduate school at Kansas State.  The financial crisis of 2008 (or however you want to date it), sparked my interest in the economy and the study of it. I looked into the PhD program at UIC years ago, but at the time I didn’t have the right foundations nor the means to persue it.

I fell into my current position after getting a certificate in Medical Coding and Billing at Devry, and then taking accounting and economic classes at local community colleges.

I am currently finishing up an MBA at Concordia in River Forest. I like the people I have been working with as my peers and my professors, but I feel it has been more a test of how much work I was willing to do an less an intellectual challenge. I undertook it as a practical matter. It helped me get to where I am and that might give me the means where I once did not have them.

I have an ultimate goal to have a PhD. I know that that too can just be a test of the wills. I am uncertain about what I would do with it, as I feels like a Quixotic goal. But it is still something I want to do. Having goals is nothing, though, if you don’t have plans.  I was content to let that simmer for a while. I also worried that it would not be applicable since my own reading in the subject has be outside of the orthodox sphere. I personally lean towards a Marxist reading and I’ll stick with the labor theory of value until I die.

So when I saw that a university local to me was one of the few nationally that support heterodox views, I was happy and wondering why I missed your school in my early researches that ended up fruitless.

Basically, then, I am writing because I have a couple of questions that I could not find on your website. The first is about the practicality of enrolling. I would most likely be only able to enroll part time. Is that precedent in your program. The second is about placement – how many of your students move on to PhD programs, especially ones that study outside of the mainstream.