Saturday, February 27, 2016

On Weinstein's "Complete Guide to Fundraising Management"

 This book was the textbook for my class in Development of Nonprofits. Prior to this class, I have not had much exposure to the development side of things in the nonprofit world. This is in spite of five years at a nonprofit and the introductory class to all nonprofit issues (Used the heavy and deep Jossey Bass Handbook for that class). Basically, this means that this book is my touchstone for Development. Overall it is good for someone who is a basic beginner, with a nice step-by-step look and lots of charts and graphs that could be used as template were I ever needed to fill a development role (though I hope that I will never be in charge of it, the goal is to be an Executive Director at some point so it will be on my plate). 

The only real criticism is that it feels a bit dated. There’s not much consciousness of the connected world in terms of fund raising – though that may because of the very limited returns that come of it (when development is all about relationship building, you have to maintain your network somehow, right?). Basically, if this is for your class, it won’t be your least favorite textbook ever, and it might have some utility after the fact, so it’s hard to go wrong here.