Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Soylent is....not that bad, actually

I have a living pod in my office at work. I have a plastic drawer system for my dry good eats and a mini fridge which is mostly for Diet Mountain Dew.

I had been using muscle milks and stuff like that mainly for meal replacements, but to be honest I wasn't working out enough to justify all the protein I was taking in through the shakes. Admittedly, this is a product that just on the idea has some merit - quick, complete meal. I'm an accountant, and I'm often stuck at my desk for lunch and I need to get things done and I was already using something else to fill the niche that this fills. I think this fills it better, but that branding is too much. The Soylent name with the hyper-minimalist branding is so easily mockable it is hard to say that I do like it at all, though I do. I'm just not some sort of tech-bro with self-diagnosed aspergers.

For what it is supposed to do, it works well, I don't have any sugar spikes or carb crashes, and it is filling even for a drink. I saw elsewhere someone compare this to wet cardboard, but it is better than that. On the first drink, there is a subtle sweetness, and then drinking more it does flatten out. It's not horribly bad, which is what I was afraid of.