Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Books I Never Finished

 I was thinking of this earlier. My econ professor started talking about Milton Friedman's "Capitalism and Freedom". She made a quick check of the students to make sure that they had at least a nodding agreement with Friedman, and went on with her story. I didn't add, "Of course I know what you're talking about. I have that book on my side table. It has a book mark about 100 pages in, and as long as it stays on the side table, I can consider myself still Reading it -- capital letter intentional."

I even started a part one of when I was reading that book, to the point of holding myself accountable for reading the rest of it. I was with him, up until the point in chapter 2 when he made the argument that it was easy to hold views against the dominate economic system in the US during the time the USSR existed until he was writing, I wanted to yell, what about the Palmer raids, and the red scare and the red baiting and the HUAC? But he's dead, and the book is unfinished. (Though there were parts I remember agreeing with, tough I forget just what now. I'm also remembering pro-choice on schooling, so I think I disagree with him, and his writing is so arrogant and sure of himself that it is had to read in  a scholarly manner. If I ever finish, I'll review it here.

But that made me think of all the books I wanted to read. I've paid money for them and anticipated reading them, and started reading them -- then stopped for whatever reason. I will list them here.

This list will be incomplete as it will miss those library books I returned and others missing from my shelf.

1)  Marcuse -  One Dimensional Man
2) Schumpeter - Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy
3) Kindleberger - Manias, Panics and Crashes
4) Klein - The Shock Doctrine
5) Smith - The Wealth of Nations
6) Minsky - Stabilizing an Unstable Economy
7) Marx - Capital, Vol One
8) Hobsbawm - The Age of Capital
9) Fanon - The Wretched of the Earth
10) Hill - The world Turned Upside Down
11) Piketty - Capital
12) Prins - All the Presidents' Bankers
13) Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom....?