Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Project

The next few posts will be the questions and responses to the final exam I took for a marketing class at an unnamed midwestern university for my MBA. I took this exam a week ago, but I was waiting for my grade to post (A, of course). I think I may be operating in an ethical gray area, since I want to share my writing but not expose the test questions of the professor.  I don't post all my writing, but I liked some of these.  The directions are below.  For the five questions attempted, I took bout 2.5 hours.

MKTG 6100 Marketing Design and Strategy

Final Exam, 250 points
October 15, 2014
Time:  3 hours, 45 minutes

You are required to answer 5 of the following 8 essay questions.  Each essay question is worth a total of 50 points.  Extra credit can be earned by answering more than 5 essay questions, each additional essay written has a total potential value of 30 points; indicate which essays are intended for extra credit.

You can use a laptop computer in class for this exam.  If you are writing by hand, use the space provided for your answer (you are allowed to use the back side of the paper, if necessary).  If more paper is necessary, please ask your instructor for additional paper.  Write legibly!   

Keep track of time.  Do not spend more than 40 minutes on any single essay.   There is no word-count requirement for your essays; write as much or as little as is necessary to develop your ideas and answers.