Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A MIrror to Society: Megan Erickson's Class War

The mashup with Jacobin and Verso has been a continued parade of fresh new voices on the left, and Class War by Megan Erickson is another fine entry in the series.

What starts as a specific indictment of the current mania for privatization of the child through their means of education builds towards a critique of the patriarchy becomes at the end a critique of security as a whole - during the raising of our children into a mirror of the society we are, but also the society that we one day can be.

The only critique is that there are places where Erickson repeats herself, including information that she previously addressed without calling back to the fact that it was mentioned before. One example is the three times at least that she mentions New York’s Mayor Bloomberg calling for halving the teacher population. It is as if the sections were assembled separately and were later combined as a book. This is noticeable in the series in other books, even the apart from the one that is deliberately an anthology.

In spite of that drawback, the book is eminently readable. One thing that I love that is against some current trends is that it is footnoted and not end-noted, so that you can just look down at the references.