Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goal Setting

Find the Target

In my organization, I have long been an advocate of Hofstadter's law, named after a data scientist. The idea is that things will take longer than you think they will, even knowing that they will take longer than you think they will.
That law is sort of defeatist, and I've hated it though I have embraced it, Today I came across something I like much better. Though it frames the same idea, it is much more optimistic, I have been reading Peter Drucker's "Managing the Nonprofit Organization," and he says the following: "One should always set the objective twice as high as one hopes to accomplish because one will alway fall 50 percent short." 
I like this because my previous formulation had always been short and cynical, but Drucker's re-framing makes it so that it is just another way to meet you goal.