Friday, March 4, 2016

Srnicek and Williams invent the future: A Source for Hope

When I was reading this, lying in bed my wife asked me what I was reading now – the format of the book is enough that it shook her out of the idea that it was just another book and instead made her ask.

I told her it might be the most important book I ever read. So many books that strike a criticism of the existing world and a future that can come through the mechanisms recommended in the book just have so many holes and they leave me feeling hopeless. But I keep reading them, both in the “Destroy Capitalism” and the “Reform Capitalism” genres. But the authors here have a smart take that make me optimistic view of how we get from here to there. We need a party moving forward the invented future. We need emancipation, a universal income, and we need to watch the rise of the robots. But we need to leverage that rise. The program is incomplete, but it is a foundation. And it is a source for optimism. The kids are all right.