Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why I Love School So Much

I was filling out the sheet of the self-assessments for my leadership class, and something struck me. I said to myself that these quizzes are just telling us what we know about ourselves, but the reality is that they do more.  They give a structure and form to what you’re self-aware about.  There are issues with the objectifying a subjective matter, but it can be useful in knowing where you need to work on yourself.

And for me, that is the point of this whole class, and the MBA in broad strokes. It is about self-improvement, and a chance to work with people and think about issues you face every day and be conscious of your actions. The truth is that much of what I read and was lectured on will soon pass out of my mind – how much high school chemistry do you remember? You might improve your career with a certification, but that is secondary. What’s important, as much as the knowledge is this chance. I think it’s a lot like why poets go and get an MFA when there’s no commercial market for poetry; going to school allows you to think around subjects that get lost in the daily grind of life and you have a chance to reflect on the world and better understand it.

All this is good, since I just registered for the fall semester, so now we’re talking about sinking costs into the project as well.